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Personal Plans

for Wellness


Plans for Wellness combines massage and yoga to create a client centered and holistic approach to healing the mind and body. We frequently make some time for self care, but rarely enough. This 10 hour commitment would consist of 5 (2 hour) sessions.


Ideally, each client schedules weekly sessions. The first session involving a 30 minute extensive health and habits verbal intake, followed by a 90 minute massage. After gathering information from the verbal intake and finishing the first massage; I will create a personal yoga practice and provide self care techniques to use at and between our next four sessions.


The following session will be a personal set of asanas (yoga poses), breath practices, and self massage techniques; again followed by massage. Each session will help gather more information of how we will move forward to provide the best possible way to maintain a successful self care plan.


The sessions can be split equally, 60 minutes of yoga : 60 minutes of massage; or a combination of 45 minutes of yoga : 75 minutes of massage; or 30 minutes of yoga : 90 .minutes of massage.


This package is sold at a lower rate than my regular hourly in home rate, because I want to make this commitment to your health and well being as accessible as possible.




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