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Integrated Wellness



Our Integrated Wellness Plan packages are a series of two-hour sessions spanning several months, with each plan tailored to individual client's needs. 


We begin each of our Integrated Wellness Plan packages with an introductory session that includes a discussion of the areas that the client would like to see improvement in their physical, emotional and spiritual being. Together we will design a series of sessions uniquely tailored to meet the goals the client has set forth, focusing on ways to bring ease and comfort to the body, mind and soul. The first session will include massage and breath practices to expand areas in the body and mind that may be feeling challenged or compressed. 


After the first session, the following sessions will begin with a look at the progress made, setbacks encountered, a brief discussion of new patterns the client may have become aware of, and a tailored, gentle yoga practice. This practice may include strength-building postures, light stretching, expansive breath practices, and guided meditations. This allows the client to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, a much needed contrast to the fight, flight, freeze response that daily life brings. Moving from that deeply centered space, the client will transition to the massage table to receive a customized massage. Some sessions may include a look into alternative ways to bring presence into the heart, including art as a form of meditation and journaling as a means of gaining clarity. After each session, the client will receive self-care ideas to take home and incorporate in daily life in order to promote the most change between sessions. 


Every session will include aspects of discovery and insight that can lead our bodies to transformation and allow the mind to come back into harmony with its most naturally relaxed state.


These sessions are an opportunity to begin to put your wellness first, as well as making your health and serenity a priority. I look forward to the honor of embarking on this journey with you!



Intake Appointments Starting At $300

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